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PSY 430 Module 5 Assignment 1 Ethical Hero’s PSY430 Module 5 Assignment 1 LASA 2 Ethical Profile Paper (Argosy) Directions:  You are to write an Ethical Profile paper which recognizes the formative influence of your family, heroes, and personal style on you as an ethical professional. This paper will provide a profile of you in […]

PSY 325 Entire Course / Statistics for the Behavioral & Social Sciences

Week 1 DQ 1 Types of Data. Give an example of a research question that includes an independent and a dependent variable. These are usually presented as, “How does A affect B?”, where A is your independent variable and B is your dependent variable. Describe the independent and dependent variables in terms of whether they […]

BSHS 311 Week 3 Team Assignment Paper on a Model or Theory of Helping

Submit a paper on a model or theory of helping which is not addressed, or not addressed in any significant detail, in the class and get approval for the topic from the faculty member. Examples of such theories would be Adlerian, Gestalt, and Transactional Analysis. Make sure that you have chosen a topic on which […]

MGT 435 Week 4 DQ 2 Failures of Change

Failures of Change. Organizational change is not always successful. Identify factors that can cause change initiatives to fail and the five pillars that can cause them to succeed. Highlight an organization that failed to adapt and evaluate which of these factors and pillars were demonstrated by this organization. Review several of your peers’ posts. Discuss […]

BIS 261 BIS/261 BIS261 WEEK 4 QUIZ

BIS 261 Week 4 Quiz Answers 1. (TCO 1) A facilitator uses knowledge of _____ to formulate and deliver the needed structure for effective meeting interactions. 2. (TCO 1) The primary focus of the facilitator’s role is on: 3. (TCO 1) A key difference between a team and a group is that: 4. (TCO 1) A well-facilitated team meeting […]

CJA 464 Week 5 Individual Assignment Policy Development Paper

With your instructor’s approval, select one of the following topics for your paper: Community-Oriented Policing Terrorism–Security Policy for Large Events Leave Policy for officers to work with governments in foreign countries Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse Policy Human Trafficking Policy Organized Crime Policy Cyberspace/Technology Policy Educational and Training Policy for officers, mid-level managers and executives […]

Ashford EDU 362 EDU/362 EDU362 Week 3 Discussion 2 Learning Outcomes

EDU 362 Week 3 Discussion 2 Learning Outcomes Learning Outcomes. Learning outcomes state what a learner is expected to know or do after completing a lesson, course, or training session. Wynne’s article, “Learner Centred Methodologies: Overview of Course Design and Planning Process,” describes the function of learning outcomes that incorporate Bloom’s taxonomy. Bloom’s taxonomy identifies […]

BUS 446 Week 5 DQ 2 Operations Scheduling

Operations Scheduling. Discuss the use and importance of Gantt charts to support production scheduling. What value do Gantt load charts and Gantt legends provide manufacturing facilities? What is the importance of the assignment method related to production scheduling?

Ashford ACC 205 Week 5 Exercise 1 Liquidity Ratios (Updated)

1. Liquidity Ratios.Edison, Stagg, and Thornton have the following financial information at the close of business on July 10: Edison Stagg Thornton Cash $6,000 $5,000 $4,000 Short-term investments 3,000 2,500 2,000 Accounts receivable 2,000 2,500 3,000 Inventory 1,000 2,500 4,000 Prepaid expenses 800 800 800 Accounts payable 200 200 200 Notes payable: short-term 3,100 3,100 […]


1. What would best express Colonel Nicholson’s (Alec Guinness) view regarding what makes a soldier, as expressed in the The Bridge on the River Kwai clip?   2. According to the scene from The Bridge on the River Kwai, what is the ultimate reason Colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness) insists that the soldiers work hard to build the best bridge possible: […]

Ashford SRM 320 SRM/320 SRM320 Week 1 Quiz Solutions

Which of the following is listed by DuBrin as a function of management? Which of the following phrases would not properly be included in a definition of recreational sports? The interscholastic or intercollegiate sport program in theory should be financed by: The type of tournament in which each team plays every other team at least […]

FIN 535 FIN535 Week 7 Homework Assignment (Strayer)

FIN 535 Week 7 Homework Assignment 1.           Chapter 13. Questions and Applications: 10 (page 430). 1.           Chapter 13. Questions and Applications: 16 (page 430). 1.           Chapter 14. Questions and Applications: 13 (page 455). 1.           Chapter 14. Questions and Applications: 25 (page 457)