PPA 403 Week 2 Quiz




1. Question : The Court’s ruling in the Chevron case established an active role for the Court’s in interpreting statute with the goal of superseding agency interpretation.

2. Question : The Freedom of Information Act is the most significant law for expanding access to information about the government.

3. Question : The issues of “takings” and “just compensation” always include clear definitions and straightforward compensation packages to individuals from the government.

4. Question : The Bill of Rights does not contain any relevant information which is applied in administrative law.

5. Question : As long as an administrative investigation is not intended to locate a crime and lead to arrest, the Court has traditionally ruled in favor of the administrative agencies right to inspection for such things as welfare eligibility and inspection.

6. Question : There are nine categories of information exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.

7. Question : Civil liberties protections are rarely applied in administrative and regulatory contexts.

8. Question : Laissez faire lawyers could generally be seen as working to convince judges to strike down legislation which interfered with the economic rights of individuals.

9. Question : In Lochner the Court gave public or social interests defined by the state legislature priority over private property or economic interests.

10. Question : The basic rules for administrative investigations have the same constitutional origin as do the more familiar rules governing polices searches and interrogations.