MGMT 340 Week 6 Quiz




MGMT 340 Week 6 Quiz



1. (TCO 9) The deliverables from the coding, testing, and installation processes include

2. (TCO 9) A testing technique in which the program code is sequentially executed manually by the reviewer is referred to as

3. (TCO 9) The purpose of acceptance testing is to

4. (TCO 9) The organizational process of changing over from the current information system to a new one best defines

5. (TCO 9) Which of the following is a type of system documentation?

6. (TCO 9) A component of a software package or application in which training and educational information is embedded best defines

7. (TCO 9) Changes made to a system to evolve its functionality to changing business needs or technologies is referred to as

8. (TCO 9) Which of the following influences most of the costs associated with maintaining a system?

9. (TCO 9) An overall test plan is developed during

10. (TCO 9) The bringing together of all the programs that comprise a system for testing describes