Ashford COM 321 COM/321 COM321 Week 5 Final Exam Solutions


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  1. Skills that are directly related to a particular job (such as experience in selling for a job in sales) are called
  2. Media gatekeepers
  3. If a student tries to persuade fellow students to donate money to charity by showing them pictures of starving children in order to arouse their pity, the student is using which method of proof?
  4. Communication has been a subject of systematic study for
  5. In public communication, the two most important aspects of speaker credibility are
  6. People who see definitions as constructions rather than discoveries believe that
  7. According to the author of your text, nonverbal communication is made up of
  8. Generally, hard rock fans do not tune in to radio stations with easy-listening formats and non-believers do not watch televangelists. This is an example of
  9. Which is true of public communication as compared to other forms of communication?
  10. The argument, “work out three times a week and you’ll feel better about yourself,” is based on which of Maslow’s needs?
  11. According to filtering theory, when we decide to eliminate people because they use inappropriate turn-taking cues or unpleasant facial expressions and eye contact, which kind of filter are we using?
  12. The type of kinesic message that is most like the spoken word is the
  13. When an audience is swayed not by the logic of a speaker’s message but by their high regard for the speaker’s character, they are being influenced by which method of proof?
  14. The looking glass self is
  15. If you had studied with Aristotle, the focus of your studies would have been on
  16. Which is NOT a function of media?
  17. Ethos is
  18. In ancient Greece, the study of communication was known as
  19. Person prototypes are
  20. Which is NOT a characteristic of language?