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EDU 615 Week 3 Discussion 2 Goal Setting

Goal Setting. The change process requires identifying a problem (or set of problems) and then gathering ideas for solutions. In order to identify appropriate solutions, one must develop a clear, overarching vision for organizational purpose and direction (You need to know where you are going before you can plan how you’ll get there.). Within the scope of that vision, organizational leaders and stakeholders must develop achievable goals for obtaining and sustaining desired results. Giving consideration to the problem you previously identified, articulate the overarching mission that you believe should be realized in order to achieve the desired change. Then create three to five goals that you believe will serve as benchmarks for accomplishing the mission For example, the overarching mission might be “to prepare students to successfully enter the workforce.” Short- and long-term goals (benchmarks) might include:

  1. Generate a “career pathway program” that helps students identify their strengths and interests and design an education plan that meets their needs (shorter-term)
  2. Create courses that directly support skills and knowledge students need to successfully enter the contemporary workforce (longer-term)

Another example might be the mission of training a sales staff to outperform its competitors. Goals might include: a. Develop a curriculum that embodies “best practice” standards for increasing sales performance

b. Design training that engages staff and motivates them to perform at higher levels

Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers’ posts and provide feedback on the goals they developed for achieving the articulated overarching vision/mission. You might provide suggestions for further developing the goals or provide suggestions for additional goals they may want to consider in order to realize the articulated vision. You may also want to ask questions to gain further clarity regarding the alignment of their articulated vision and goals.