Ashford ESE 656 ESE/656 ESE656 Week 5 Assignment Data Collection & Analysis


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Data Collection & Analysis. Due by Day 7. In this assignment, you will record data by documenting an observed challenging behavior using an A-B-C Chart. You will then graph a data set based on the behavior that you observe. Make a statement regarding the progress the student is making (e.g., the intervention is decreasing the rate of challenging behavior; the behavior seems to have no change; more time is needed or the intervention needs to be changed, as the challenging behavior is increasing; etc.). Be sure you statement is data based.


Provide a document that includes the following

  • For this assignment, you will select a video example from one of the following classrooms to focus on: Self-contained elementary classroom or a middle school classroom.
  • Watch the video example containing challenging behavior for either the self-contained elementary classroom or the middle school classroom. Select only one student and one of their challenging behaviors to focus on (i.e., for the elementary classroom, Jake’s self stimulatory behavior or the middle school classroom, Sally’s out of seat behavior). Complete the antecedents, behavior, and consequence sections of  the A-B-C Chart for each instance of the challenging behavior observed. Attach the completed A-B-C Chart.
    • After graphing the provided data, attach the completed Data Sheet and Graph.
    • In no more than one paragraph, reflect on your experiences filling in the Replacement Behavior form.

      What challenges did you experience? How would the form be useful in the classroom (for the special education professional and general education teacher)? What contributions do functional assessment make to determining replacement behaviors?