Ashford GEN 102 GEN/102 GEN102 Week 2 Assignment Understanding Digital Citizenship Worksheet


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Prepare: Read Section 4.1 in Module 4 of your primary text, the Netiquette Rules found in the Course Policies, About Discussions area of your classroom, and review the following resources: 

  • Avoiding Plagiarism in the Ashford Writing Center 

Academic Dishonesty Policy in the Ashford Writing Center

Watch: Netiquette Dos and Don’ts for Email

Reflect: As you have read this week, citizens of the digital community have both rights and responsibilities. Good digital citizenship involves understanding and accepting these rights and responsibilities and being aware of the etiquette, knowledge, and skills that allow you to participate responsibly in the online society.

Write: In this assignment, you are going to identify different digital citizenship concerns and steps that can be taken to display good digital citizenship. Having this type of awareness can help you uphold good digital citizenship strategies. In the worksheet, there are three scenarios. You will review each of the scenarios and answer the questions below. 

After reading Section 4.1 in Module 4 of your primary text and reviewing the additional resources listed on the worksheet, download and complete the Understanding Digital Citizenship Worksheet. To save it to your computer, use the following instructions: 

  • Right click on this Understanding Digital Citizenship Worksheet (available in the classroom). 
  • Select “Save As.” 
  • Save the file to your computer (desktop or a folder). 
  • Insert your first and last name in the space provided on the worksheet. 
  • Review Scenario 1 on the Understanding Digital Citizenship Worksheet. 
    Describe how Miguel’s actions do not align with being a good digital citizen.
    Explain the potential consequences of Miguel’s actions.
    ReviewAshfordUniversity’sPolicyonrecyclingassignments(foundintheAshfordCatalog under Student’s Rights and Responsibilities) and in your own words, explain what it means to “recycle” an assignment.

Review Scenario 2 on the Understanding Digital Citizenship Worksheet.



Asidefromcorrectingthenetiquetteviolationsyoulistedinthefirstprompt,identifythree characteristics of good digital citizenship that you used in the email you created above.

Review Scenario 3 on the Understanding Digital Citizenship Worksheet.

o IdentifythreethingsinIrene’sresponsetoSusiethatdidnotdemonstrateappropriate communication and good digital citizenship.

o Rewrite Irene’s response to Susie to demonstrate appropriate communication and good digital citizenship. 

o Asidefromcorrectingthethreeitemsidentifiedinthefirstprompt,describethreewaysinwhich the post you have rewritten demonstrate good digital citizenship.