Ashford GRO 440 GRO/440 GRO440 Week 5 Final Paper Ethical Analysis


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GRO 440 Week 5 Final Paper Ethical Analysis / Ethics and Legal Aspects of Aging Online

Focus of the Final Paper 

Ethical Analysis
Conduct research on one of the following topics: 


  1. Physician Assisted Suicide
  2. Futile Treatment
  3. Grandparent Rights
  4. Elder Abuse
  5. Euthanasia
  6. Advance Directives 

Write an eight to ten page paper (excluding title and reference pages) that addresses the following key elements: 

What legal and ethical issues are associated with the topic that you have selected?

What were the substance and the outcome of your chosen related legal case?

What are the similarities and differences between the law in the United States in regard to this topic and in other countries?

How might the societal and cultural norms about aging impact beliefs about this topic?

As the elderly population expands and the demographics change, do you think that the law in relation to this topic will change? Why/Why not?

What role do you believe that the law should play in regards to your topic?