Ashford HCA 205 HCA/205 HCA205 Week 4 Discussion 1 Role Playing Case Study


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HCA 205 Week 4 Discussion 1 Role Playing Case Study

Review the Health Care Roles Gallery Tour from Week Two, taking note of the information under your assigned role for this discussion. Your role is assigned below according to the first initial of your last name. See the table below.

In this discussion, imagine that your organization or facility is changing from paper medical records to electronic health records. While staying within your assigned role:

• Demonstrate how you would participate in this change (e.g., identify your needs, state your concerns and complaints, and describe your specific role in the transformation).

• Examine the ethical and legal issues that you would identify from the perspective of your role.
• Describe how you would approach at least one of your identified ethical or legal concerns during this transfer to EHRs.

Put your assigned role in the subject line of your discussion post.

Guided Response: Respond to at least two classmates who were assigned different roles than you were, discuss an alternative solution to their identified ethical or legal concerns. Examine how EHRs would either help or hinder their concern.