Ashford LIB 102 LIB/102 LIB102 Week Three Journal


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Week Three Journal. Due by Day 7. This week we explored the Romantic movement as a response to the European Enlightenment. In his video, History of Ideas: Romanticism, Alain de Botton points out that Romanticism has been so influential in Western Civilization that “we are all now more or less, in some aspects of our sensibilities, Romantics.” Even if you had never heard of Romanticism before taking this class, you have probably been influenced by Romantic ways of thinking. In a second video called Are You Romantic or Classical? Botton describes some of the practical differences Romanticism makes as a way of engaging with life. In two to three pages, reflect on how Romanticism has influenced your own way of thinking and whether, overall, you feel more like a Romantic or a Classicist. Give specific examples from your own life to illustrate your philosophical sensibility.