Ashford MGT 435 MGT/435 MGT435 Week 1 Quiz Solutions


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  1. Change managementspecialists focus on __________.
  2. Which of the following most accurately characterizes the general goal of planned organizational change?
  3. Which of the following frameworks of effective organizational change focuses on the ethical behavior of organizational members and groups?
  4. Which of the following is an example of a macro-level external sourceof organizational change?
  5. Which of the following is NOT one of Lewin’s general stages of change?
  6. Of the following, which represents a force for stability in an organization?
  7. Kieran’s company is undergoing change, and employees are being encouraged to see old behaviors and attitudes as useless as part of a process that helps create an emotional need for change. Which of Lewin’s general states of change is Kieran’s company experiencing?
  8. Compared to reactive change, proactive changes initiated by organization leaders __________.
  9. Organizational change is most likely to occur in an ethical fashion when team members __________.
  10. In the role episodic model of ethical dilemmas, the “misuse of data” ethical dilemma is an aspect of __________.