Ashford PHI 103 PHI/103 PHI103 Week 5 Quiz Answers (Updated 2017)


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PHI 103 Week 5 Quiz Answers

  1. Which of the following is a not a categorical statement:
  2. Which type of inductive argument is the following:
    “He is late; there must have been traffic.”
  3. The principle of charity in logic is __________.
  4. “Cats are a billion times better than dogs” uses which rhetorical device?
  5. In the field of logic, inductive arguments __________.
  6. The support in an argumentative essay __________.
  7. Which of the following quotations represents an argument?
  8. Sloan: “Dude you play way too many videogames.”

    John: “Whatever bro! When Eternal Death Slayer III came out you were waiting in line outside the store for four hours to be the first to get it. I am not going to listen to your reasoning.”

  9. “Up to 80% of doctors endorse this project” uses which rhetorical device?
  10. Which of the following is the purpose of the problem section of an argumentative essay?
  11. If we go to the movies, we will need to drive the minivan.
  12. No physical object can travel faster than light.  An electron is a physical object.  So, an electron cannot travel faster than light.
  13. An argument is invalid if and only if _____________.
  14. The statement “If you come with me, then we can go shopping” is a __________.
  15. A valid argument is __________.
  16. The legalization of drugs is neither unwise nor immoral.  It is not unwise because by legalizing drugs we would eliminate the illegal drug trade.  Hence, by legalizing drugs, we would rid our nation of all the violence that goes along with the illegal drug trade.  Furthermore, the legalization of drugs is not immoral because it can be combined with a massive program of moral education.
  17. Which of the following is an effective way to critique a deductive argument?
  18. Do you want to drive the minivan to the movies?
  19. Deciduous trees are trees that shed their leaves. Maple trees are deciduous trees. Thus, maple trees will shed their leaves at some point during the growing season.

    True or False: The statement, “Maple trees are deciduous trees,” is a premise.

  20. Which type of inductive argument is the following:
    “All crows observed so far have been black, so all crows are black.”