Ashford POL 201 POL/201 POL201 WEEK 2 QUIZ Solutions (Updated 2017)


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  1. What is the term for when a district is intentionally configured to maximize the influence of a certain group?
  2. The desire to cut federal funding for anti-poverty programs was an objective of ____________ Federalism.
  3. What parts of the United States were described by Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis as “laboratories of democracy”?
  4. Congress has an implied power to do something not explicitly described in the Constitution that is necessary to fulfill its other constitutional requirements. This power is based in the
  5. Which constitutional amendment states that all powers not specifically delegated to the federal government become powers held by the states or by the people?
  6. Which of these is not an argument for maintaining the federal system?
  7. In a federal system, national power is shared with which type of government?
  8. The majority leader of the House of Representatives supervises lieutenants who gauge support for specific bills among members of their party. These lieutenants are also called
  9. A Senate procedure that allows members to extend debate of a bill indefinitely is called
  10. Which branch of government ultimately decides how much money to appropriate to the military?