Ashford POL 201 POL/201 POL201 WEEK 3 QUIZ Solutions (Updated 2017)


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  1. During times of war, presidents often extend their powers and sometimes limit individual rights in the name of protecting the country and its citizens. This is referred to as
  2. According to the Constitution, how many justices must comprise the Supreme Court?
  3. Which president would be characterized as active-positive based on James Barber’s scale?
  4. This power allows the president to release from prison anyone who has committed a federal crime.
  5. The Judiciary Act of 1789 divided the country into this many court districts.
  6. What event provided the impetus to do away with the spoils system and reform the federal civil service?
  7. Which is not part of a president’s political administration?
  8. In what fashion is the federal bureaucracy structured to carry out the law?
  9. The secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture is an example of what type of political appointment?
  10. This act required all able-bodied white male citizens between the ages of 18 and 45 to enroll in their state’s militia.