Ashford POL 201 POL/201 POL201 WEEK 4 QUIZ Solutions (Updated 2017)


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  1. What is the most important agent of socialization?
  2. What is the principal difference between an interest group and a political party?
  3. When a citizen votes for a candidate who currently holds office, what message is that voter sending?
  4. A political party’s election platform is composed of a series of positions on various political issues that are important to voters. These positions are also called
  5. According to economist John Kenneth Galbraith, any one interest group will never gain too much power because several smaller ones will come together in a coalition, thus balancing the power of the one large interest group. The term he coined for this coalition is called
  6. Individuals develop their values and ideology through agents of socialization, which are
  7. The idea that a plurality election system tends to favor a two-party system over a parliamentary system is known by what term?
  8. __________________________ is an essential ingredient to a fair trial.
  9. What is the key determinant of who votes in the United States?
  10. The Fourth Amendment guarantees U.S. citizens that their homes and persons will be not be searched without