Ashford PSY 326 PSY/326 PSY326 Week 1 Quiz Solutions


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  1. _______________ is an ethical principle stating those involved in studies must consent to participate of their own will, and as a result researchers are forbidden from placing undue pressure on people to either participate or remain in a study.
  2. Diane is conducting a study in which she is examining the best practices for understanding, treating, and preventing depression in college students. In which of the following areas of research is Diane working?
  3. A research study is being conducted to test the effects of nicotine on attention and memory. To do so, researchers want to administer nicotine to healthy volunteers who have never smoked nor used any tobacco products. Which level of IRB review would this study most likely require?
  4. Data that is collected without any identifying information from participants is said to be ___________
  5. A(n)____________ is a collection of ideas used to explain the connections between variables and phenomena.
  6. The text offers all of the following as examples of applied fields of research EXCEPT
  7. Which section of a research article explains how a hypothesis was translated into a specific set of measurable variables?
  8. Steve has observed that he has more difficulty parallel parking his car when people are watching. He decides to stand on a street corner and notice the number of attempts people make to parallel park, the total time it takes them to successfully park, and the number of people near the parking space. He observes that others also seem to have more trouble parking when people are watching as well. He develops a general hypothesis that parking ability is related to being observed. What process has Steve used to develop his hypothesis?
  9. Steve is a psychologist studying how emotions influence our memories; he is interested in whether people remember emotional experiences differently than non-emotional ones. In what area of psychological research is Steve working?
  10. Which of the following research areas of psychology is used to study the connection between human behaviors, thoughts, and feelings with processes occurring in the body, such as genetic influences and hormones?