Ashford PSY 326 PSY/326 PSY326 Week 3 Quiz Solutions


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  1. Which of the following is the ONLY measure of central tendency that is valid for use with nominal data?
  2. Although observational designs are well suited to a wide range of research questions, one critical issue is that the questions must be addressed through ______________ events and behaviors.
  3. Roberto is a graduate student interested in understanding in-group/out-group interactions among gay males. He joins a gay men’s rugby team to record information about how people within the group and outside the group are treated. Which of the following best describes Roberto’s research method?
  4. ___________________ refers to the extent to which a research setting resembles conditions in the real world.
  5. _______________ is a numeric descriptor that represents the spread of scores around the central tendency.
  6. Which of the following should be used to visually present values measured on an interval, ordinal, or ratio scale?
  7. Bob and Juan are determined to settle an argument about who has a higher IQ, but unfortunately they have each been given two different IQ scales. They are trying to compare the scores and scales that differ in both mean and standard deviation. They convert their IQs into ___________scores to make the comparison, which will indicate the distance each score is from the sample mean expressed in standard deviation units.
  8. Dr. Black recently gave his class a mid-term exam. The lowest score was a 58 and the highest score was a 98, making the ______________ for the mid-term 40.
  9. A(n) ________________ is a descriptive design that provides a detailed, in-depth analysis of one person over a period of time.
  10. For his research methods class, Jeff is studying the effects of fatigue on aggression in professional hockey players. He tracks the number of penalties and total penalty minutes served in the first 10 minutes of play and compares them with the last 10 minutes of a selection of NHL games. What strategy best describes Jeff’s project?