BIOL 101 BIOL101 Quiz Ecosystems With ANSWERS (Copy)




  1. A food chain shows the following sequence: eagles eat wolves; wolves eat rabbits; rabbits eat grass; grass is fueled by sunlight. This food chain is probably…
  2. When does the cycling of a carbon atom end?
  3. A dog eats a pound of dog food. What happens to the energy and chemical nutrients in the food over the next several days?
  4. Choose the abiotic component below.
  5. A ____________ is a realistic diagram showing all of the known feeding relationships among the diverse members of an ecosystem
  6. Which of the following are involved in biogeochemical cycles?
  7. What is the source of energy that supports the growth of most producers?
  8. In the diagram below, which organism is a tertiary consumer and is on trophic level 4?
  9. Physical processes like evaporation and condensation are the main driving forces behind the _________ cycle.
  10. Which of the following gives a realistic (possible) pathway for the flow of a bit of energy through an ecosystem?