DeVry ECET 310 ECET/310 ECET310 Week 5 Homework 5_1 Solution


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ECET 310 Week 5 Homework 5_1 Answers / Communications Systems with Lab

1. Determine the Nyquist sample rate for a maximum analog input frequency of:


2. Determine the dynamic range for a 10-bit sign-magnitude PCM code.


3. Determine the minimum number of bits required in a PCM code for a dynamicrange of 80 dB. What is the coding efficiency?


4. For a resolution of 0.04 V, determine the voltages for the following linear seven- bit sign magnitude PCM codes.


5. Determine the resolution and quantization error for an eight-bit linear sign magnitude PCM code for a maximum decoded voltage of 1.27 V.


6. For a 12-bit linear PCM code with a resolution of 0.02 V, determine the voltage range that would be converted to the following PCM codes.


7. A µ-law compression encoder has:


8. Repeat problem 7 for µ = 0.