DeVry ECET 310 ECET/310 ECET310 Week 6 Homework 6_1 Solution


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ECET 310 Week 6 Homework 6_1 Answers / Communications Systems with Lab

1. For a 64-PSK modulator with an input data rate(fb) equal to 36 Mbps and a carrier frequency of 100 MHz, determine the minimum double-sided Nyquist bandwidth(fN) and the baud. Sketch the output spectrum.  


2. Determine the bandwidth efficiency for the following modulators:


3. A radio channel has a bandwidth of 10 KHz and a SNR of 15 dB. What is the  maximum data rate that can be transmitted:


4. A modulator transmits symbols, each of which has 64 different possible states, 15,000 times per second. Calculate the baud rate and the bit rate.


5. What is the shannon limit for a standard telephone circuit with an SNR of 30 dB and a bandwidth of 3.3 KHz?


6.    What is the maximum data rate possible for a standard telephone circuit with an

     SNR of 1023 and BW of 3 KHz using 8 bits per symbol?