Ashford GEN 102 GEN/102 GEN102 Week 1 Journal


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Technology Self-Assessment. Due by Day 7. 

Prepare: Read Modules 1 and 2 of your primary text and complete the Hardware/Software weekly activity (available in the classroom). Optional: Based on your comfort level, you may take the technology assessment to determine your level of computer knowledge and skills. Review and familiarize yourself with the resources in the Getting to Know Your Digital Tools tab. 

Reflect: Think about your technological skill level when you first enrolled at Ashford and how it changed during your first class. Think about the progress you made and your current comfort level when using technology in the classroom. Consider how you will utilize the different resources available through Ashford University. 

Write: In a new Microsoft word document, answer the following questions in at least three sentences per bullet point. 

  • What are two things about technology you learned this week that you did not know before? Hint: Share one of the resources provided in the Getting to Know Your Digital Tools that you believe will support your learning as an Ashford student. 
  • Now that you have experienced at least one online course, has your view changed with respect to how it compares to face-to-face learning? Why or why not? 
    • Now that you have assessed your level of computer knowledge and skills, what expectations do you have about this class with respect to improving them? In other words, in what areas are you most interested in learning more and improving in?