HSA 320 HSA320 Week 3 Quiz 2 Answers (Strayer)




HSA 320 Week 3 Quiz 2

  1. This provision “Creation of a temporary reinsurance program for early retirees” is part of which legislation?
  2. In the healthcare industry, which of the following could be considered assault and battery?
  3. To reduce or eliminate workplace bullying, the organization should:
  4. How can you apply the concept of autonomy to the healthcare industry?
  5. Which healthcare membership organization established a code of ethics in the 1800s?
  6. Ethical standards are considered:
  7. In order for a code of ethics to be successful and accepted in an organization, it should:
  8. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 amended which Act?
  9. According to the application of the PLUS ethical decision making model, what is the first step in this model as it applies to the healthcare industry?
  10. What are the characteristics of a voluntary hospital?
  11. What are essential functions?
  12. The Hazard Communication Standard requires:
  13. What is an EEO-1 report?
  14. When the court system interprets previous legal decisions with respect to a case, they create:
  15. What type of action has the Joint Commission initiated against workplace bullying?