MKT 312 MKT312 Quiz 3 Chapter 3 and 4 Answers (Strayer)




MKT 312 Quiz 3 Chapter 3 and 4

  1. When a firm’s buying center agrees that defect rates for a purchased component part should be less than .01% of items received, the team is:
  2. The group of people who make a business-to-business purchasing decision on behalf of a company is called the:
  3. The set of brands a consumer knows about but has neither positive nor negative feelings for is the ________ set.
  4. Didi carefully considers price, sound quality, and the size of a new stereo system. The sound quality is the most important factor, followed by the price. Didi is using the ________ evaluation model.
  5. Which component of an attitude displays the individual’s intentions, actions, or behavior?
  6. Derek eliminated New Balance shoes because he doesn’t know anything about them. Derek used which type of evaluation process to make this decision?
  7. In a buying center, the person who would be the most likely to say, “We need to limit our choices to local vendors” is:
  8. In terms of an external search for information in a purchase decision, the need for cognition is:
  9. Despite being 52 years old, Claire likes to wear young-looking fashions, such as short skirts, and drive her new red convertible sports car. This is an example of the consumer buyer behavior trend of:
  10. A person’s educational level combined with specific knowledge about a product category determines the:
  11. In terms of market segmentation, the usage segmentation approach offers each of the following advantages except:
  12. Newer and smaller companies are inclined to use the ________ method when developing marketing communications budgets.
  13. The VALS typology is based on which type of segmentation?
  14. The primary reason companies develop a communications budget using the percentage of sales method is:
  15. The primary disadvantage of the meet-the-competition method of marketing communication budgeting is:
  16. The method of consumer segmentation that is based on population characteristics is:
  17. Analysis of buying patterns by gender is an example of segmentation by:
  18. The most common method of segmenting business markets by industry is to use:
  19. The three primary approaches used in communications research include:
  20. Attitudes, interests, and opinions are reflected in ________ segments.