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NETW 206 Introduction to Switching with Lab Week 3 Quiz Answers (Devry)

  1. (TCO 3) What is the standard that supports up to eight antennas?
  2. (TCO 3) Which Wireless AP model(s) is best for multiple clusters of APs?
  3. (TCO 3) Which wireless RF band do IEEE 802.11ac devices use?
  4. (TCO 3) There are several types of Wi-Fi frames. What management frame carries information about the wireless connection including supported data rates and the SSID of the network to which the wireless client is communicating with?
  5. (TCO 3) A wireless client cannot hear while it is sending, thus making it impossible to detect a collision. To address this problem, _____ is used.
  6. (TCO 3) IEEE 802.11i is associated with _____.
  7. (TCO 3) A RADIUS server is used with which standard?
  8. (TCO 3) Which window on a Linksys EA6500 wireless router has VPN Passthrough information?
  9. (TCO 3) The employees complain that the wireless network is too slow. Which troubleshooting approach will you use to resolve the problem? Choose either the bottom-up, top-down, or divide-and-conquer method and be sure to state the method, what you would check first, and why you chose that approach.