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NETW 206 Introduction to Switching with Lab Week 4 Quiz Answers (Devry)

  1. (TCO 4) What devices are used to reach remote areas?
  2. (TCO 4) Which of the following parameters should match in order for a pair of routers to form an adjacency when running OSPFv2?
  3. (TCO 4) How does the BDR know that the DR has failed?
  4. (TCO 4) In a multi-access network OSPF reduces the overhead traffic by using _____.
  5. (TCO 4) In the output at the command line from a router that reads – ip ospf message-digest-key 1 md5 CISCO-123 – what does the CISCO-123 portion of the command do?
  6. (TCO 4) The Cisco IOS automatically modifies the dead interval when the _____ interval is changed.
  7. (TCO 4) What value would you set the ip OSPF priority to if you did not want a router to be a designated router?
  8. (TCO 4) To propagate a default route configured with OSPF, the _____ command is used.
  9. (TCO 4) Routers and Layer 3 switches learn about remote networks in one of two ways. List and explain these methods.