Strayer MGT 500 MGT/500 MGT500 Final exam Part 1 Solutions (Spring 2017)


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  1. ________ decisions are associated with conflicts over goals and decision alternatives, rapidly changing circumstances, fuzzy information, and unclear links among decision elements.
  2. ___ has the highest possibility of failure.
  3. ____ decisions are associated with decision rules.
  4. Shirley works in the human resource department at Turtle Shells, Inc. She believes she is seeing an increase in drinking problems among the workforce. She thinks she needs to investigate further. She is at what stage of the managerial decision making process?
  5. Which of these styles is adopted by managers having a deep concern for others as individuals?
  6. Which of the following refers to the deployment of organizational resources to achieve strategic goals?
  7. The ____ is the product or functional boss, who is responsible for one side of the matrix
  8. Relative to the functional structure, the divisional structure
  9. The formal and legitimate right of a manager to make decisions is
  10. Coordination is defined as
  11. The innovation strategy for changing products and technologies that involves designing the organization to encourage creativity and the initiation of new ideas is known as
  12. Which of the following is a person who sees the need for and fights for productive change in an organization?
  13. The ____ is a unit separate from the rest of the organization responsible for the development of a major innovation.
  14. Which of the following is the reinforcement stage of organization development in which individuals acquire a desired new skill or attitude and are rewarded for it by the organization?
  15. The generation of novel ideas that may meet perceived needs or respond to opportunities for the organization is called
  16. The process of observing and evaluating an employee’s performance, recording the assessment, and providing feedback to the employee is referred to as
  17. Which of the following refers to all monetary payments and all goods or commodities used in lieu of money to reward employees?
  18. ____ is a policy requiring employers to be proactive in being certain that equal opportunity exists for all within their organization.
  19. ____ has led to the elimination of many positions in organizations
  20. ____ is a listing of job duties and desirable qualifications for a particular job
  21. Which of the following is an invisible barrier that separates women and minorities from top management positions?
  22. Inclusive dimensions of diversity
  23. Which of the following prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, and sex?
  24. Which of these actions did the U.S. Supreme Court take?
  25. ____ is defined as all the ways in which people differ.