UMUC ITEC 610 ITEC/610 ITEC610 Midterm Exam Solutions


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ITEC 610 Midterm Answers

Essay Questions (20 points each)

Please write a response to each of the following questions. Please limit your response to

300 words or less for each response.

1. What are the five most influential ITs described in course materials? Briefly explain each.

2. List and describe the three primary components of mobile technology. Describe how mobile technologies are creating opportunities for new forms of commerce in established Industries.

3. List and explain the strategic planning process, SWOT analysis, and competitive models.

How are the processes related? How do they impact management’s use of IT resources?

4. Describe the functions of database technology, the differences between centralized and distributed database architecture, how data quality impacts performance, and the role of a master reference file in creating accurate and consistent data across the enterprise.

5. Explain the business value of intranets, extranets and other network portals and their role in improving relationships with employees, customers and supply chain partners.