UMUC ITEC 625 ITEC/625 ITEC625 Final Exam Solutions


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ITEC 625 Computer Systems Architecture Final Exam Answers

  1. The I/O function includes a _________  to coordinate the flow of traffic between internal resources and external devices.
  2. ________ is used when the DMA module finishes the I/O operation and sends CPU a completion message.
  3. Greater ability to withstand shock and damage, permits reading and writing individual bytes or small blocks of data, small size makes it useful in portable devices, are all benefits of ___________.
  4. Adjacent data blocks are separated by _________.
  5. Data are transferred to and from the disk in __________.
  6. Scanning information at the same rate by rotating the disk at a fixed speed is known as the _________.
  7. The disadvantage of _________ is that the amount of data that can be stored on the long outer tracks is only the same as what can be stored on the short inner tracks.
  8. The set of all the tracks in the same relative position on all the platters is referred to as a _________.
  9. The sum of the seek time and the rotational latency and transfer time equals the _________, which is the time it takes to read/write the data block.
  10. RAID level ________ has the highest disk overhead of all RAID types.
  11. _______ is when the disk rotates more slowly for accesses near the outer edge than for those near the center.