UMUC ITEC 626 ITEC/626 ITEC626 Midterm Solutions


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ITEC 626 Information Systems Infrastructure Midterm Answers

Question 1: Describe the OSI model and its purpose. Be sure to describe each layer and that layer’s function. Which OSI layer(s) do(es) modulation? Which OSI layer(s) do(es) segmentation? Which OSI layer(s) do(es) collision detection?


Question 2: Provide a clear explanation of a circuit-switched network. Provide a clear explanation of packet switched network? Describe the major difference between these two networks.


Question 3:

Discuss Distance Routing algorithms and Link-State Routing algorithms. Describe how the following Network Layer protocols work:

Domain Name System (DNS)

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).

Question 4: Describe the VoIP architecture. Describe the major components of VoIP. Explain how this technology has impacted business