UMUC NUTR 100 NUTR/100 NUTR100 Week 1 Quiz Elements of Nutrition


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NUTR 100 Elements of Nutrition Week 1 Quiz Answers

  1. Which nutrient contains the most kilocalories per gram?
  2. What are carbohydrates, protein, and fat are known as?
  3. “Natural” is the word that the USDA uses to describe unprocessed foods.
  4. What is the name of the nutrient intake level estimated to meet the needs of 50 percent of the individuals in a life-stage and gender group?
  5. What is the the term that describes the  maximum levels of daily nutrient intakes that are unlikely to pose health risks to almost all individuals in the group for whom they are designed?
  6. Janice is studying the breakfast choices of male and female students at Apex College for her senior research project. What type of study is this?
  7. Alana is looking for a way to identify a reputable supplement vitamin manufacturer. What is one factor that might help?
  8. What types of studies are conducted by pharmaceutical companies before new drugs can be released in the market?
  9. The school dietitian is required to include all of the MyPlate food groups in each day’s student lunches. Please select the only menu below that meets that requirement.
  10. Which ONE answer is not a way to build a sustainable food system?