UMUC NUTR 100 NUTR/100 NUTR100 Week 6 Quiz Elements of Nutrition


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NUTR 100 Elements of Nutrition Week 6 Quiz Answers

  1. The calories consumed must __________ the energy expended to maintain weight and keep energy in balance.
  2. What does a BMI measurement predict?
  3. What is a total acceptable weight gain of a woman of normal weight during pregnancy?
  4. Which of the following vitamins is crucial during pregnancy and should be monitored and potentially increased by expectant mothers during pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural-tube and other birth defects in the unborn infant?
  5. What is the MOST important cause for increasing obesity in the United States?
  6. Which ONE of the following is a hormone involved in regulating basal metabolism?
  7. During pregnancy, a woman who is a vegan should have her diet fortified with which of the following nutrients?
  8. What is the best indicator of nutritional status in an infant?
  9. Which are the nutrients most often deficient in the diets of American adolescents?
  10. Since the immune system becomes less efficient with age, it is especially important to consume adequate ______________ and ______________, nutrients that contribute to immune function.